Sunday, June 20, 2010

Retail Store Associate Sings to the Delight of Many Shoppers

This Kroger associate, Edwin, finds it uplifting serenading customers in the North Richland Hills store in Texas.  Getting a fresh start from the store's customer service cheer, he added a few lines from the Kroger culture in caring for customers to complete the lyrics of the song.

He gets mostly positive feedbacks from shoppers bringing customer service at a different level, and this encourages him more to sing the song upon a customer's request, and each time, it has to be with management's go-signal or approval, of course.

Some shoppers and associates say they have fun too listening to the song with associates getting pumped up and reminded to put "customers first" in their line of duty while other shoppers snap their fingers, dance along, welcome it with a smile or rings the bell at the store for "great customer service".  

Other shoppers admit, they sometimes get carried away with the song on top of the great customer service they get while around the outlet, and they get to add more stuff to buy than what was on their list. 

Even a few more excitedly added (quite flattering but sounds more an exaggeration) they would "not mind being serenaded every 10 minutes" as they have fun shopping listening to the song.  Shall we join the cheer now, "Yeeaahaa Go Kroger!"

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  1. there have been a few negative comments on company time usage but if it is well timed, impactful and with variations now and then, it can become an effective marketing tool to increase sales (especially in these times when entertainment becomes an outlet)and can be worth encouraging.


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