Sunday, November 21, 2010

Watch Funny Moments on Sports with Funny Stuff and Keep Healthy

Watch this Video Link from Funny Stuff on some of sports funny moments.

This blogger loves to see real funny stuff on video footages guaranteed to make you laugh.

'Laughter is the Best Medicine,' as it can truly heal with your immune system working at your best when you feel happy as against moments of depression and stress, when your immune system works at its lowest.

This has been proven in many researches. Even Dr. Louis Ignarro, the 1989 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine together with two other colleagues, attests to this in his book 'NO More Heart Disease.'

He states in his book that antioxidants in the body enhances the immune system so that it can be more effective in eradicating illness causing free-radicals in the body.

And according to many researches conducted, the human body immune system weakens when we are stressed up or depressed.  On the other hand, antioxidants in our body gets added boost whenever we are in high spirits, happy and laughing.

Make funny stuff videos be a part of your life.  They help keep you healthy. 

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  1. Enjoying life with family and friends while we watch funny videos can really help lighten up the mood. And this too is what Jesus Christ teaches, to show love for our neighbors by keeping them in high spirits that they can better enjoy the blessings of life.


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