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Watch Fun VIdeo - Bukas Loob sa Diyos (BLD) Los Angeles District Picnic and Raffle Fun 2011 July

Another successful picnic and raffle fun fellowship event was held by Bukas Loob sa Diyos or BLD ("Opening one's heart in God") Covenant Community Los Angeles District at Ralphs B. Clark Regional Park, Buena Park, California on July 24, 2011.

Watch this shared fun video that says it all as we continue to keep Jesus in our hearts in everything good that we do, and this time, celebrating God's gift of life with our brothers and sisters in Christ under BLD, and "Jesus Saw Inside of Me" from YouTube video editor as our fitting background music.

Go to this link for: "another video version without the music"

See more related pictures via our picasa galery link below.
'Bukas Loob sa Diyos' or BLD Los Angeles 2011 Picnic and Raffle July 24

Everybody enjoyed the atmosphere of fun and camaraderie among members of the community with  various Filipino delicacies and great recipes served to the delight of those who made sure they did not miss this year's picnic, climaxed with an exciting raffle event.  

All those with tickets on hand were keen on winning the major prizes either for themselves or for their family and acquaintances they represented.  I, for one, would be more than happy to see any of my donors and ticket buyers win any of the cool prizes at stake to enhance my ticket selling credibility one notch higher, won't you agree?  

Ticket entries were handed to Bob Perkovic, Carlito and Evelyn Alvarado who gladly served all paid tickets, put them into the 'tambiolo' before it all started rolling by 5PM.  The grand prize winner was not present, but the seller, Lita Briones, was there to acknowledge and confirm the identity of the winner.

Good for me and John Abe, despite the heat from the sun and from the flaming charcoal, we got the most number of  'likes' grilling great tasting barbeques superbly marinated by Danny Jose.

It was the most sought after food since we began grilling, sometimes, not able to keep up with demand and yes, bias or not, lol, better than the Fil-Am favorite chicken adobo of Evelyn Alvarado and the savory beef steak of Ted and Prescy Najarro, just right after I took over from Bong Uy who had to complete a quorum as he was duty by his BLD tennis buddies.

This gives me an idea, huh.  Danny, Bong, John and I can, perhaps, put up a barbeque business on the sides at downtown LA and with our BLD community ever growing, marketing will not be a problem, lol.  Let's wait and see what Jun and Alice , Boy and Madsy , Hermie and Lina , Ed and Bopeep have to say.

I may have gone too far pulling your legs, but what is good about this community is the selflessness and the willingness of many of its members to share the love of Christ with others, that together with our families and friends, we may all see the light of Christ in this life, while celebrating together and enjoying God's countless blessings as we learn to accept God in Christ Jesus, to lead our life in this journey towards eternity, as we may eventually learn to live and discover the beauty of finding the true path while we may choose to grow together in the spirit.

Soon after that grueling yet humbling and heart warming hands-on training grilling BBQ's as a novice from master John Abe, I started looking for that delicious, nutritious and anti-carcinogenic mouth watering mangoes brought by Lucy Castro and her Mekeni group, but, no way, they were all 'gone with the wind,' lol.  "Parang hinipan ng hangin" ("as though blown by the wind"].

Whatever tastes good never last with the Pinoy taste buds.  That is why in any BLD event, watch your tummy or your waistline before it grows out of healthy proportion.
Field games were played among the youth, singles, single parents, ME couples and family members who were all there to have fun, and fun they did have, with soothing and energy giving praise and worship songs from the choice collections of Tony and Tess Roque filling the air. 

Ralph B. Clark Regional Park has a huge area of trees and green grassy lawns were kids and people of all ages can enjoy a refreshing jog, walk or play, or even go camping on tents or hiking along nearby hills.  

Some of the boys happily swung their tennis rackets which they brought along knowing that once you have paid at the entrance gate for a meager  fee of only five dollars a car, you can play the whole day and use the park's facilities for free.

"All is well that ends well."

The BLD picnic and raffle activities on July 24, 2011 may just be another fruitful day among community members, family and friends, that came to pass, but the best part was the love that was shared in Christ Jesus praying that his words of truth will always stay in our BLD hearts as they lighten up our daily journey in this life, and as we continue to yearn for spiritual growth in Christ and be one with God.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17, Saint Paul, after he admonished everyone to live in peace with each other, to encourage the timid to help the weak, to be patient with everyone, nobody to pay wrong for wrong and to always be kind to each other and to everyone else, he said, “Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

[Read on our post:  "Commentary on - "'Jesus Saves' via Christaninsal.overblog.com," on 'Love in Christ,' NDE, Mama Mary and the Saints." as we call for unity in faith.]


Brief BLD Announcements:

[1] Open to all believers in Christ and in the Holy Trinity, we invite you to join our BLD Covenant Community under Los Angeles District, through our incoming Marriage Encounter Weekend in May 2012 (exact date and venue to be announced as soon as available).  For BLD members outside of the LA District and all those who wish to learn more about "Bukas Loob sa Diyos" or BLD, a Catholic charismatic renewal movement in its mission to grow its Christian discipleship among people of any faith or creed irregardless of race, age, education or financial status, please feel free to send an email to BLD DCS in Evangelization Hermie and Lina Villaflor (linav793@yahoo.com).

Another Marriage Encounter is on the works this coming May 2012.  Details will be posted on this site when available.


[2] BLD Raffle Winners (June 24, 2011 Draw) = >> "Congratulations to the Winners ... and to all Donors and  Organizers!"

1st Prize   50" TV Home Theater Entertainment System   >>>   Grace Cruz
2nd Prize  Laptop Computer  >>>   Loretta Castro
3rd Prize  Digital Camera   >>>   Carlota Capulong

God bless and Godspeed - GHE Admin

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