Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commentary on - Bedbug Infestation and Video on How to Know if You Have Bedbugs

Read on our AOL link post on "Bedbug Infestation:  A Bedbug Victim Goes to a Bedbug Convention" and watch the video that gives you an educational tour on how to know if you have bedbugs.

This stuff is pretty informative and you can learn much on how to look for bedbugs in your own place and how to get rid of them or at least minimize their predatory, irritating and disgusting presence.

Pinoy Blogger (PB) just wonders how come the writer on above link preferred take a dead bedbug home?  Was he thinking of doing a recipe for it, certainly hope not?  Now see what happened, he kiddingly says it now resides in his freezer.

Bedbugs may not be a source of disease but, like cockroaches, they can be "difficult to contain and expensive to exterminate,"  according the video hostess.

PB is reminded a past experience with an insect bite while asleep on his lips causing it to swell.  If that was a female bedbug, it sure was fast stealing a kiss, sadly, a kiss that really hurt.

When he told his wife about it, she immediately got nervous and started looking desperately after the culprit.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fun Time Commentary - Cheapo Airlines | Funniest Stuff on the Net!

Cheapo Airlines | Funniest Stuff on the Net!

Watch this hilarious video on our above link from Funniest Stuff and see what to expect in the coming months on airline flights with an impending inflation.

There have been reported plans of some airlines to increase charges on even hand carried bags to cover for rising cost of supplies and gasoline, which is inevitable.

Don't be surprised if you get extra charges for using the bathroom on your next flight, lol.

Have fun as we enjoy God's gift of life.

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