Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sugar Shane Mosley Can Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

(See You Tube Commentary Version of this blog document above with 2 parts; Just type "Mosley Can Beat Mayweather Part 1(or Part 2)" on search box within the video frame; search also 2nd round Mayweather vs Zab Judah fight and Mayweather vs Castillo fight to compare.)

With much power in his punches and his agility to avoid those fast swaying heavy gloves to his face and body and come back with devastating combinations to his opponent's vital upper torso frame, on top of his height advantage, who can say Shane Mosley cannot maim or even knock out Floyd Mayweather? Given the right preparation to anticipate “Money” Mayweather’s usual strategy of dock, cover and counter attack fluidity, delivering the right and timely punches to his weaker and open sides may rattle and confuse him until he weakens down like a lost warrior.

Of course we know how fast Floyd can be on the ring but his feet wobbled too in his fight with Zab Judah on the second round where a knockdown should have been ruled. In his title fight with Jose Luis Castillo in another event, the latter threw more telling punches than Mayweather in their title fight and came out the more aggressive fighter. Castillo was leading on the unofficial network scorecard but somehow, somewhere Floyd got the championship belt from Castillo with all judges unanimously favoring him.

In both of these fights, Mayweather seems to get demoralized everytime he gets hit solidly and he appears very protective of his face in his succeeding fights. A barrage of good punches finding their marks seem to confuse Floyd Mayweather and this is probably the reason why he refuses to fight Manny Pacquiao who may try get him with his weak ribs on body punches and worse, smother his beautiful face which he dearly loves to see unscathed after every fight.

Floyd’s fight with Juan Manuel Marquez saw the latter not in his usual fighting form compared with his two matches against Manny Pacquiao. Closely looking at the video coverage, it was surprising to see Marquez not as fast with his counter punches and not as scientific as he had his strategies coming in his usual fights. It was not the same Marquez that many saw before in that Mayweather fight.

Given the odds favoring Mayweather with his unblemished record, Shane Mosley can anytime change this in his favor as long as he fights with his heart and comes out well conditioned. In a real honest to goodness fight scenario, if we go for the underdog, we would not like to see one good “Shane" Mosley defeated by a “Money” Mayweather would we?

Whatever the outcome, assuming everything woul be done right with both fighters fighting at their best in full passion, we may as well surmise what to expect on the winner vs. a Manny Pacquiao fight.

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