Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Magic in Using Baking Soda

This blogger did not realize more uses from the ordinary baking soda that we find in grocery stores until he came across this useful post on the web. 

Aside from being a deodorizer, drain clog remover, carpet cleaner our link below shows 22 effective baking soda uses which can save you time and money instead of looking for expensive stuff which this mineral can do in a "magic".

Thanks to our blog contributor and friend, Bob Villasor, in his web research for sharing with us other uses of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate/NaHCO3, one of which is as a cure for cancer (see this video with Dr. Tullio Simonceni as interviewed by tv show host Doug Kaufmann).

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  1. Bob Villasor further has these to add: to remove fungal growth and dandruff in our hair(s) - wash your hair with it and you might be surprised ("believe it or not") how your frequent coughs would disappear very quickly; to remove body odor, wipe perspiration with a wet towel of baking soda (then follow it up with a towel with clean water to remove the baking soda and feel fresh as before), and some in a watercar group reportedly use it as an electrolyte to produce Hydrogen.


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