Thursday, November 18, 2010

Commentary on - Scientists claim breakthrough in antimatter hunt - Yahoo! News

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If you are interested in science and interesting discoveries, this is for you.  It so amazing how the universe evolves around us. 

Scientists spend millions in their quest to discover what is both good and bad for mankind, depending on one's outlook in life.  

Man's satisfaction is never ending. No matter what age we are in, we do not stop to grow, which is a very good outlook in life.  

Although all of us know that our life is short, we still want something better that many times we forget that we worry ourselves too much that our relationship with others is forgotten, until we find ourselves in a mess, in chaos, in confusion over our direction in life. 

While we marvel over man's great achievements so far in science and technology, let us pray not to forget the true essence of our life here on earth with our mission to serve God through others... in God's guidance along the way since we can never tell when God wants to take us and tell us, 'Your time is up buddy.'  

Later we wonder and ask, no matter how delayed our reaction may be, did we make good use of our life?  Were we really happy doing what we were doing?  Are we truly fulfilled that we can say to ourselves it's time to face and enjoy the peace and total happiness in the the afterlife, which is forever?  Are are we just content in saying, I have had enough of my life, I am tired, and need total rest?  

Would God then permit you to rest if you have not done your share of serving Him in your life as in the 'Parable of the Talents' in Matthew 25:14-30 where God wants us to be productive in this life with the use of our talents, or just vanish you from the universe or even worse, to be damned in hell? 

In the conclusion if this article, however, Jerry Hangst, the leader of the group of scientists who made the discovery said, "It would take longer than the age of the universe to make one gram of antimatter," and later himself admitted calling the process "a losing proposition because it takes much more energy to make antimatter than you get out of it."   

Did not Darwin fail also in proving his theory (or a fallacy?) on evolution with no links seen so far to connect the evolution of one specie into a more improved specie?  

Have not many doctors and scientists discovered the ability of the spirit to travel from a clinically dead body and still be conscious of his or her surroundings in NDE's or near death experiences accounts? 

Are not more and more doctors and scientists prone to accept natural complements as having greater success ratings that conventional medicine and their discovery that the dynamic human body, which is God's greatest creation, has the ability to heal itself especially if one follows God's commandments and Jesus Christ's teachings of living in love with truth, humility, mercy and forgiveness that can propelled and guided through spiritual maturity? 

You may want to read on our posted link incorporating some scientific findings on, "The Shroud of Turin - "Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ, Resurrection Signs and NDE's."

Let is continue to pray and be guided that we too can share the light.

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  1. The more new discoveries in science are made, the more I am convinced how great our God and creator is.


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