Monday, October 25, 2010

Commentary on 'Manny Pacquiao's Sluggish Form in Final Training in the Philippines'

Reading from The Ring's Ted Lerner's blog on "Pacquiao Sluggish in Final Day of Training in the Philippines," Pinoy Blogger can't help but write down his thoughts and a few comments on the article.
"I do believe in Ariza's analysis, that Manny is a 'thinker.' And in Khan's way of describing sparring sessions as but nothing around 60% of one's actual readiness, especially when you are just there to fine tune your moves and size up your way against bigger opponents (and not to wear you out up 'til the actual fight).

While Roach admits the 'difficulty in adjusting to bigger guys' but that's what he wants... to prepare Manny for remaining weeks of training, to 'focus on Manny's strengths and weaknesses, and the strategies to ensure a win over a bigger guy who is going all out there to make history for himself,' more so disprove all doubts that he has the making of a true champion, 'not a cheater' that everybody seemed to have marked him to be.

That is why Manny truly is getting into the 'toughest fight of his career.' He knows, he and his team cannot take Margarito lightly. 'Focus, focus, focus' is the key, and more prayers for Manny.

Remember, they have both the distinction of having demolished the now Super Welterweight Boxing King, Miguel Cotto, on separate technical knockout victories."

Manny has seen so much pressures before having to prepare for this up and coming fight against the 'no nonsense' stance that power puncher with a longer reach and a much taller Antonio Margarito is getting ready with.

We all know how much he has been preoccupied in his new arena of Philippine politics as a congressman.  He has to study much about Philippines law in this totally new challenge as a lawmaker, and for him, 'to better serve' his countrymen.

We can just wonder how much mental preparation he has to make to win this fight.

One can only presume that , perhaps, mentally, this will be much more than how Tiger Woods prepares during his international golf tournaments with family, marital and divorce issues that at any moment can affect his much needed concentration and focus as an athlete and sportsman in every single game.

This will be a colossal feat indeed for Manny to overcome all odds.

And with a whole nation's hopes on his back, versus another Mexican powerhouse all pumped up and geared up to deny a record 8th title for this weary, humble but spirited warrior, we certainly pray that he beats all odds towards another 'crowning glory for God and country.'

From the examples of Manny Pacquiao, may we always be reminded of God's power in us.  That all things come from Him. And that we continuously pray for guidance, humility, mercy, forgiveness and protection from Him.

The holy Gospel according to Luke 18:9-14 teaches one to acknowledge our sins as we pray for forgiveness.  While a Pharisee exalts himself as always righteous.  Jesus went on to state his message in the parable, "I tell you, the latter (the tax collector, who pray to God for the forgiveness of his sins) went home justified, not the former (the Pharisee, as an hypocrite), for whoever exalts himself will he humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted."   

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  1. I do believe in faith and the power of prayers. To humble ourselves to God and to our fellowmen may be very difficult for many, but that is when true blessings come from God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  2. Manny Pacman is indeed blessed by God. As he is God fearing and as shown in each of his fights, he openly prays before and after each fight to thank and manifest his belief in God and the power of prayers. Even, his mom has been known to pray for him just like all of us, Filipinos. I hope and pray that he wins again and that he retires as an undefeated world champion Filipino boxer. May God continue to bless, protect and guide him. Even if his opponent may be bigger, let us remember, David defeated Goliath because God was with him.


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