Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Using Money and Talent for the Love of God and Love of Others

"In whatever we do let the 'Light of the World' shine as we gain strength in Him, in Jesus, in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, every single day of our life."

"Money is the root of all evil," so the cliche goes, and in 1 Timothy 6:10 Saint Paul makes it so profound.

What about 'love of money,' or 'passion for money,' but what is the best way to treat money in this temporal life?

Beware, God tells us to avoid passion for money, and to say, "I love money," is an error in 'true faith.'

We are no less than pagans to love money more than God, or be guilty of 'idolatry,' when we give more credence to Mammon, the false god, or the devil, to rule our lives in sins of pride, our 'ego' getting the upper hand leading us to being selfish, when God wants us to uplift the poor and the astray by spreading what is true in the gospel and what is true in the 'word.'

1 John 2;15 gives more emphasis to Christ's message, in the guidance of the Holy Spirit all should know, "Do not love the world," or we may stay confused of loving the false god than our Creator and our Savior, He who created us and He, our loving Messiah, who saved us from sin.

If we need to give back, to Him who has showed great love to us and our family, as one Spirit with our Creator, He as our Divine Provider, Divine Mercy, Divine Healer, Good Shepherd, Divine Counselor, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, Jesus remains our Lord and Master as 'the truth in this life,' the 'resurrection and the life,' our 'All in All,' and there is no other.

If you believe that we were all created by God, our life, and all things or every single thing in this world come from Him, where in Jesus, "through Him all things were made, without Him, nothing was made that was ever made," as in John 1:3.

Rule, all power and authority in this life, in this world and in the whole universe belongs to Him, as the Author of life, He being the fullness of the Deity in bodily form, as in Colossians 2:9.

And what does Jesus say in the 'Parable of the Talents?'

Does he not encourage us to to use our talents and our blessings the right way and not just keep them for ourselves while we may let time to pass by, or let precious opportunity pass, without any profit or gain?

Get into this very enlightening video and learn more from "Sean Hyman - The Biblical Money Code," how biblical truths have guided him to financial success as against financial stress from 'love of money' and greed.

Wake up 'O wonderful creation of God, we are all here to prosper truth and love for Him and for the love of others.

We are here to prosper and hone our talents and skills for the love of Him, our family, our country or nation and of others, not to hide them and leave them buried.

What if somebody takes all things material away, when we lose them, will these not stress us up and our health compromised?

Yes, if we have 'loved money and all things passing' as more important to us in our given lifetime, it is our 'pride,' that may take its toll on us, on our health and well being.

This is when we have loved the false god in Mammon.

'Stress,' being the number one cause of fatal and chronic illnesses, comes to us and may keep us off focus of what is true in our life,  we forget that passing things are 'imperfect,' they change as time flies, is this not like 'chasing the wind,' as in the book of Ecclesiastes (Old Testament).

Anything that passes away with the wind, passes away in time and space, or perishes under the sun, are we not just 'following our own shadow?'

Anything that is passing remains imperfect, they should not rule us and our emotions, we remain lost and may go crazy thinking about them, worst, we sin against our neighbor when we cannot control our temper, the tempter gets one over us.

Is forthcoming hatred necessary with we lose things passing?

No way, but many do worry.

If Jesus said, "Do not worry," then, we should see His everlasting 'word' as holy and true, alive, active and living forever when 'heaven and earth' may pass away, as in Matthew 24:35.

Does is make sense not to worry, for the more we worry, the more we may sin as we get tempted to do what is not right and improper, things that we hope should not have happened.

When we sin, its darkness that binds us, not the light that should rule our very being.

So true, while our talents need to be honed, our skills improved, it remains our oneness with God, as we care to humble ourselves before Him, to better know what truth there is in keeping ourselves attuned to His 'word,' and in our obedience of His commandments, keep us in complete control of ourselves and our emotions, to free us from slavery to sin.

Simply, it is when we are willing to grow in spirit, it keeps us at peace with ourselves, where true happiness and joy in our hearts remain, in our heart of love, this is where our spirit lives, in our hearts of love, where our body remains the sacred Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Loving and forgiving others in their faults and sinfulness, comes our own recognition of our own imperfection, we being imperfect, the more we may see our perfection in Him who created us and in Him who saved us from sin,

In the unity of Christ's body and blood in us, as we partake of the Holy Eucharist, our cleansing in body - in heart, soul and mind - comes our perfection, for in Him comes holiness and righteousness, that we too may strive to keep us holy and righteous as God is holy and righteous.

As we lose more in stress our health may end up in disaster, are we not giving more problems to ourselves because time cost so much in this life and God gave us this life and time to make good use for the love of Him and for the love of others, not to just sit back and relax on our couch waiting until our master gets back thinking that we are just doing what is right by giving back to Him in His light, to His 'universal church' leading us to the use of our talents He bestowed on us what what He gave us to use, no more no less.

But, is this truth of creativity in our talents real?

When we fail to think and plan, we plan to fail.  There is nothing good that comes out of time and talent squandered by not doing anything.

Our ways of thinking should be attuned to what the Holy Spirit in us tells us in our enlightened soul, as we open our hearts to Him, here to guide us to His light, to His mighty 'word,' from where miracles of life in our 'true faith' come as we journey with Him in the love of others, uplifting our family, the poor, the sick and the astray to His truth.

God through Christ Jesus, our true Lord and Master, wants us to be productive and to avoid sloth.

Laziness is sin in our wickedness and selfishness, So, what are we waiting for, make and find time, work for our true purpose in this life.

Our own creativity should help as we pray to possess His light, not to be ruled by money, not to be greedy in all things passing and imperfect, and not follow those who think can give us easy money in the corruption of our souls, or not to even do anything in the comforts of our homes.

Take away our fears, our insecurity and anxieties, all these hamper our growth in our spirit.  These are sinful elements of inactivity as passive and meaningless ways to our pride and malice in our hearts.

It is just unthinkable why we keep on believing what is passive and does not prosper the love of God and the love of family, the sick and the poor.  In His light, living by His 'word' comes our healing in many ways, away from darkness in our souls where evil may collect from us in illnesses in our inactivity, selfishness or living in lust of our eyes and minds.

Suffice to live happily with our family and children, as we prosper their needs to strive to be guided to holiness and righteousness in Christ, in the love and kindness in their hearts, they may see with me what true happiness means, with the Good Shepherd in our hearts of love, we are complete in Christ's fullness as we abide and obey His words and commands.

It remains in our spirit, our spirit of love and truth that allows us to go beyond what we think we cannot do.

Go beyond our doubts, by living in our faith, by God's grace, His light guiding us to live forever, how can we go wrong when we love in truth, no selfishness, no lust or greed, but truthfulness in the honesty of our being, we having been made and created as a 'new creation,' in 'the image and likeness of God.'

It is high time to go beyond what our mind tells us, to be 'wicked and untrue' in the wrong use of money, rather, be truthful and be honest to ourselves, truth about 'the breaking of the bread,' in our 'true faith' we live forever with The Lord.

Come to 'His banquet of plenty,' and be merry living in His light where true peace and joy comes in bountiful fruits, a great harvest coming our way as we share in Christ's banquet, His light to set us free.

By 'giving and sharing in our talents,' duplication comes multiplication, to multiply 'the bread of life,' in 'the breaking of the bread,' as we start to love one another and bear with one another in our imperfections, remaining in Him comes our 'very perfection' in His promise of eternal life, where in true baptism among the consecrated, we have died and have been buried with him, as in Romans 6:3-4.

Reading Romans Chapter 6 would give us its true meaning, having been baptized in the name of The Father, The Son and of The Holy Spirit, where, by the grace of God comes our true faith, blessed in the Spirit of God, living water in baptism, water from the river of life flowing through our veins through the blood of Christ.

All three elements:  Spirit of God, water and blood comes in 'one accord' in our faith, as in 1 John 5:8, reading the whole chapter in 1 John 5, gives us a more comprehensive view of the meaning of living in the victory of our faith, as victors in Christ, we conquer the world and all its evil in the practice of our faith.

With the many promises of the 'word,' comes the promise of eternal life, our true mission in this life is to spread His truth in the gospel, not the lies of the flesh, but His everlasting truth leading us to eternity and infinity by our faith.

Our life can be short or long, but comes out short anyways as compared to eternity.

What is God telling us, in 'divine logic' we come to know the truth in this life, the truth in the gospel of Christ, that we need to live this life with flying colors, living in the glory of our faith, living in the glory of God, for when we die, nothing material we may obtain,

But as we were born naked, we came in clean, for Christ has redeemed the world by His death and resurrection.  Being baptized in truth comes next in our parents or guardians love for us.

If is our golden opportunity in our love for the gift of life from heaven above, to share the love in our hearts, giving your child the gift of God's heavenly Kingdom in your child's heart of love.

In true baptism, God's grace in your child's soul and in your very soul, you may feel God's Kingdom in your spirit of love.

When we die, how can we come out clean?

The covenant of God is the blood of Christ as the promise.

The blood of The Lamb of God, heretofore, to cleanse and light the world as we may partake of His body and blood in the Holy Eucharist, comes our cleansing and perfection as we remain in Him.

To live in the lighted path comes the 'true vine' of 'true faith,'

We are given gifts by God in the children that we may have and as stewards of truth, other gifts may follow, where in living our lives with our family and neighbors, His light we may share in the power of His 'word,' in this beautiful world, brought to us with peace and order in our hearts, may we live in the peace and order of our souls guided by the Holy Spirit as the greater power in us, where Jesus is, He being greater than him (devil/alien) who may try to grab our peace and freedom in his many entrapment to corrupt our faith in meaningless and imperfect things.

Possess His light by your greater faith, in the blood of The Lamb be purified as you repent of all your sinfulness, and be one with Him in the perseverance of your faith, against the corruption of worldly things.

Share this freedom with others, and be blessed by God with your household and family.

In His light comes truth that sets free.

Wider horizons we may see as we dream with Him in our love for others.

Carrying our own cross comes the test of our faith, in His love and light, may we always come out as victors, but as we may fail, His everlasting hope lies in His everlasting love and mercy from among us faithful to Him.

Life is a sacrifice in the cross we carry.

Persecutions may come in the many events of our life, but, stay firm, our faith will lead us to greater peace and joy in our hearts as we have humbled ourselves to Him.

Again, He remains our true Lord and Master in this life,

Trusting in Him as we remain in Him, in His light and flock, comes the promise of eternal life.

The more we get away from meaningless things that tie our hands from being productive in His ways, the more we see His light that in Him and with Him, we need to spread the light of truth in the gospel.

It is evil that laughs at us in our inaction through our worldliness, it is him who deceives us with many broken promises in the many lies of the flesh.

In the light of truth comes our spirit that connects to God in His Spirit of love and mercy, binding us to free us from sin and darkness,

From our cocoon of darkness, may we see His ever shining light of hope and love, freeing us from our fear of death and darkness, our blindness gone from our pride.

Our very 'ego' having built a wall of selfishness from inside of us, may never be seen with His guiding light in our midst and within our being.'

Sharing His power from within us, comes God's heavenly Kingdom among us, the faithful, living with us and in us forever in our hearts of love.

With Him, are we not ever happy making a difference sharing the Kingdom of God in our hearts of love and peace with others?

May God bless us all as we KJOH, https://www.facebook.com/LetsKjohKeepJesusInOurHearts/.

Read this link to the 'salvation tool' on hubpages, the Amazon kindle ebook, and feel the Kingdom of God in your hearts of love, https://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Amazing-Laminin-Binding-Truth-of-the-Cross-and-Creation-and-Avoiding-Hell.

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