Friday, July 23, 2010

Driving the World's Cheapest Car

This pint size car has its advantages from smaller parking space suitable in narrow streets like Paris and other European countries, more economical with a smaller engine and lighter body to being able to handily carry 4 regular sized passengers (Sumo wrestlers are, of course, an exception to this, lol). 

It may interest you to note that in the early 70's in Bacolod City, Philippines, a similar lightweight car, the "Minica," used to be a popular taxicab in that city until it was banned, only to be replaced by human-pedalled tricycles called "trisikad" which ply selected city streets until now, a practice tolerated by the city government, perhaps, to alleviate economic woes since the fall of sugar prices, the province's (Negros Occidental) main agricultural resource .

As far as safety is concerned, well, this blogger thinks it is at least safer than riding an open motorcycle.  Read more on its price and features through our link.

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